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Celebrate Valentine's day by teaching children the different forms of love with this heartwarming read-aloud!

Love is choosing to be kind.
Love is showing gratitude.
Love is inclusion and being mindful of others.

"This book is adorable - really glad I found it. I read it to my Pre-Kindergarten class but will use it for my daughter as well. It lends itself well to writing letters for those we care about and why we should thank them." - Verified Teacher Review

"I read this to a few 5-9 year olds and got ratings along the lines of "infinity" and "9999999999." :) A lovely intro for teaching why we send thank you notes or Valentine's cards." - Verified Amazon Review

I Love You and Cheese Pizza is a sweet and heartwarming popular picture book from the Pig in Jeans series. It explains the different forms of love in simple terms that kids can understand!

Brian, the pig in jeans, thinks all he loves is cheese pizza! All this time, he has been showing love in many different ways without knowing!

I Love You and Cheese Pizza (Hardcover)

C$17.99 Regular Price
C$10.00Sale Price
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